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Prairie Coast Candle Co.

Matte Black Wick Trimmer

Matte Black Wick Trimmer

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This tool helps prevent soot buildup and ensures a clean, even burn for your candles. The design features a long handle and angled blades for easy access to your wicks. A handy accessory for candle enthusiasts to maintain their candles for optimal performance and longevity. 

Does trimming your candle wicks even make a difference?

YES! Here's why:

  • Prevents the flame of your candle from getting too large, which can cause the candle to burn too quickly and produce excess soot
  • Helps the candle to burn more evenly and clean
  • Reduces the risk of your candle smoking or sparking
  • Prevents tunneling, which could waste wax, and overall waste your money


Keep those wicks trimmed & your candles burning longer!


The Ingredients

We use only the best ingredients for our candles. Carefully selected, with your health in mind. Made with 100% soy wax and fragrance oil free of plastics and toxins. Our candles burn cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax candles, leaving you with way less soot and a clean, yummy smelling space.

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